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Anita HoyI am Anita Hoy and I have led countless middle-aged women on a path toward health and weight loss. In fact, for nearly a decade I have built my practice around helping people like you “feel better in the skin you are in.” 

My program will help you transform yourself from a stressed out and frustrated serial dieter to someone who knows their ideal weight and how to get there. Together we will create simple, manageable systems that help you take back control of your body and your life.

But you have to take the first step.

Give me a 5-day commitment, and I will help you

This 5-day challenge can be the first step on your journey toward the body you deserve, toward a diet and lifestyle you can live with and love.

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Past Client Experiences

"Diets have never worked for me, but Anita changed all that when I joined her free weight loss challenge and finally found SUCCESS! Anita has a vast knowledge of our nutritional needs when losing weight and she has an amazing way to hold you accountable and make you smile throughout the process. Yup it’s hard work – no denying it, but her sense of humor and devotion to your success will keep you going. I now work with her privately and, even when I’m away, she finds a way to keep me motivated. Hey, even my husband has joined me on one of her challenges and was blown away with his success.

So, with the holidays looming, I wanted to give a shout out to Anita for those of you wanting a little (or a lot of) help from an awesome trainer.

You’ll thank yourself (and Anita!) every day."

- B. Cueman, Vermont

"Just want to give a big shout of recommendation for Anita. After participating in a 5 day challenge, I've continued working with her weekly by phone since March on weight loss and stamina. She's creative, strategic, knowledgeable and gets into the nitty gritty of road-blocks and possibilities. She understands all kinds of food preferences and difficulties, and then comes up with yummy alternatives to stave off caving into bad habits. I've been super-vegan (my choice) since March and have lost 40 lbs."

- P. Newfield, Vermont

"Anita has been a wonderful partner in my weight loss and strengthening journey. Her massages helped to keep my body happy during the transition to new movements. Her texts asking me about food and exercise helped tremendously with accountability, which I've learned is the only way I can stick to a health plan. She has helped me to identify and solve pain points such as running with a flip belt for more balance with my phone, and using naked pea protein powder for extra protein in my veggie soups. I would highly recommend her!"

- M. Walker, Vermont