The Fluidly Moving Health Space is a semi-exclusive fitness studio for people who want highly personalized individual and small group training or health and nutrition coaching. Semi-exclusive because not only is your training personalized but you never have to share the room with more than 4 others. If you plan it right, those four people can be your own friends.


Semi-exclusivity also enables you to help coordinate a small group training that you can enjoy once or twice a week, sharing the costs with other participants and doing the type of exercise you choose to do. The Fluidly Moving Health Space is stocked with fitness equipment like you’ve probably never seen before, designed to offer a very different workout experiences. The equipment is appropriate for the athlete as well as a person who struggles with mobility issues.  

Your Personal Training Studio

The Health Space is a personal training studio that enables you to come in at your leisure to complete homework and/or participate in group trainings. This is not the average gym but a place to train and listen to your body so you can get stronger, faster, change body composition and feel better through guidance from an experienced trainer and health coach, like myself.  What could be better than working with a trainer that knows and enjoys exercise?

I am the lady that climbs mountains, backpacks or cycles 50 miles to get away and runs long distance for fun. I also love to lift weights, teach yoga and coach high intensity programs. For me, fitness makes the rest of my life easier; reduces stress levels; keeps my weight in check; keeps me thinking about what I’m going to eat and drink; and makes it possible to handle my chosen activities. That is what I want for you. In the process, you will feel 10 years younger no matter what your current age is!  Personal fitness training is right for you if:

I can help you pull it together.  Contact me to learn how you can build your Mind, Heart and Muscle!