Personal Training & Fitness

There is nothing better than feeling strong enough, fast enough, or able enough to do the things we want to do! I am the lady that climbs mountains, backpacks or cycles 50 miles to get away and runs long distance for fun. Ialso love to lift weights, teach yoga and coach high intensity programs. For me, fitness makes the rest of my life easier; reduces stress levels; keeps my weight in check; keeps me thinking about what I’m going to eat and drink; and makes it possible to handle my chosen activities. That is what I want for you. In the process, you will feel 10 years younger no matter what your current age is! Personal fitness training is right for you if:

  • You have lost a sense of control over your diet and weight;
  • You have a hard time getting to the floor and back up when playing with the kids/grandkids;
  • You are sedentary and feel weak and tired;
  • You want to amp up a lukewarm training regimen;
  • You have an adventure in mind that you want to prepare for, or;
  • You are experiencing pain and mobility issues

I can help you pull it together.

An individualized, personal fitness program might be exactly what you are looking for. Working on a healthy diet is always the first place to begin when thinking about personal fitness training. I work with people following many diets including vegetarian and vegan meal plans. I have advanced training and certification in the following nutritional categories:

  1. Ayurvedic Medicine Level I and II
  2. Weight Management and Behavioral Change, A.C.E.
  3. Foundations of Nutrition, NAFC

Following a regular fitness plan complimented by a healthy diet is not difficult with the right training and motivation. I can suggest healthy alternatives to your existing diet or help you choose a specific diet which will help you reach your fitness and health goals faster. Eating healthy does not have to be scary or difficult, it just takes a little discipline and education. Let me help you with this! We can tweak your diet a little or I can help you drive theprocess forward if you want to push yourself. I’ll be there for you!

My Rates are as follows:

Time Allotment
Single Session
5 Session Package
10 Session Package
20 Session Package
30 Minutes
1 Hour

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