Health Coaching

Most people who purchase the service of a personal trainer, complete their initial assessments and then get straight to exercise training with little attention given to other factors that restrict outcomes.  It is really difficult to get everything in for the cost of Personal Training. Exercise, after all, is what you are paying for, right?!   Well, exercise is important and you would sacrifice safety and strategy without a trainer, but standard personal training services don’t tend to take care of the many needs and concerns of the average person, especially those with musculoskeletal issues or chronic conditions..

Weight loss is 80% diet and 10% exercise.  And then there are other factors that play a role in body weight and composition such as sleep, stress, hormones, medical issues/medications, genetics, injuries and lifelong conditioning/behaviors.

Weight management and wellness is a holistic process.  Health Coaching provides the opportunity to review health, lifestyle, habits, influences, diet and exercise as part of a package.  From here, we  can set achievable goals based on your needs and preferences, develop a bulletproof strategy and manage it with a weekly plan. 

Your success is mine!  I want you to lose a dress size within the next 12 weeks and I want you to show off those muscular arms.  It is important to me that you achieve your goals.  Health coaching is for those people who want more from a coach than a simple fitness program because an effective program will impact every area of your life.  I will bring near 30 years of personal and professional experience as a Health Coach/Personal Trainer, a Specialist in Therapeutic Exercise, Integrated Body Work and more to map out a plan that is effective and achievable.  And like others with whom I've worked, you can lose 10, 20, or 30 pounds in 12 weeks while enjoying your favorite foods and exercising at a level that works for you.  Through that, you will have increased confidence, improved health metrics and improved daily habits.

  • Weekly zoom or in-person meetings 
  • Quarterly assessments (as needed)
  • Daily electronic communication
  • Collaboration with health providers
  • Recipes, food facts, personalized diet plan
  • Weekly and Daily tasks
  • Accountability and progress reports.
  • Remote and/or in-person training and coaching service

You can add (in studio) personal training and/or massage services to build a comprehensive package focused on your health and well-being.  Please contact me to discuss your options: .

Please complete the client intake form and bring with you to your first appointment.