Anita, that kink in my lower back has been bothering me since early October, not terrible...just nagging and annoying...you got it out last night! I feel great this morning and it's GONE! THANK YOU!!! - S. Morris 12/20/23

I've been working out with Shaun Royce for a year now - just about every Saturday.  He is innovative, thoughtful, knowledgeable, authentic, and motivating.  Always bringing me to new exercises or modifications of ones we have done before.  I highly recommend him for personal training.  He thoroughly understands the human body.  I am dedicated to working out with him as my personal coach for as long as possible.  I am 62 years old and going strong.  I have facilitated a lot of spirit work with many people over years and years - I recommend to anyone that you do body work with Shaun.               - Peter Clark  9/7/23

Anita is a dynamic motivator in helping me achieve my fitness and weight goals. After experiencing various injuries and chronic pains, I first visited her for a therapeutic massage. The combination of her strength and knowledge dramatically improved my well-being and got me on the right track to return to physical activity. Following, that I began to personally train, and with her expertise, I was able to participate in more difficult training routines. To top that all off, I also began working with Anita to lose weight and with her comprehensive support I've been able to lose nearly 40 lbs by not just "dieting" but making changes to my lifestyle. Quite simply, Anita is exactly what I needed to whip me into shape. She has been a phenomenal coach not just in fitness and diet, but in managing my daily triggers and stresses, if you want change trust Anita to guide you.  - Robb Kidd

Anita Hoy helped me lose 20 and I’ve been very mindful to keep it off! I still hear her wisdom echoing when I make food choices.  -Sally Brassil

    Anita is truly an awesome coach!  - Bonnie Cueman

    I decided to succeed when I subscribed to Anita’s 12-week transformation program because it was finally MY time in my life to take care of myself. My entire adult life was focused on taking care of my family, my patients, and then my aging parents. I seemed to put others before myself and I was always trying to lose weight most of my adult life after having my children. After my parents both passed away and my children were both on their own and needed me less, I was now focusing on my body and what was happening to me as I was aging. Retirement was right around the corner and I wanted to be as healthy as I could, allowing the next phase of life to be joyful and fulfilled and not full of medical issues and doctor appointments. I had some issues with an arthritic toe which I could either be on medication to try to help alleviate the pain or have an operation cleaning out that joint and splinting my toe with a pin which I refused to do. My history of repeated kidney stones also continued to trouble me and I wanted to stop this painful ordeal as well as just not have the achy joints I was experiencing. Plus, my BMI told me I was obese. I had worked with Anita for a good number of years as my personal fitness trainer and felt so confident in her expertise and decided now was the time for me to lose weight, especially with all the talk about Covid-19 weight gain. I did not need more of that and since it was such a contributing factor to increased complications and death for those who had Covid, I would do the number one thing that I could control and that was to lose that unhealthy weight. This process was the easiest transformation process that I ever tried and believe me, I tried them all. It is not easy to lose weight, especially without the support of someone that is so knowledgeable but, it really was easy for me. I had to be totally honest and vulnerable with her throughout the transformation so that she could help me break the habits I had formed my entire life. I loved learning about the simple changes that she suggested and what she offered me for replacing the unnecessary choices I was making. I would share pictures and information about my meals and she always had a suggestion that would allow me to have a sustainable change that would follow me through life. This was just awesome and honestly now sticks with me. I felt like I always ate fairly healthy getting fruits, veggies, and proteins but her suggestions of different foods to try were very welcoming and it just worked and I fit them in. Being the sole meal preparer for my husband and myself, he now ate what I ate and sometimes I had to supplement his diet as I knew what I ate would not be enough for him. He as well lost a substantial amount of weight and his body aches and pains now benefit from the knowledge that I gained through this remarkable process.Throughout this process I learned that I was a binge eater; I had an acquired sweet tooth from childhood; that I was taking in food when I wasn’t even hungry; I lacked water; what foods caused me weight gain; and that stress causes me to hang onto weight as well. When I went too long without food, my blood sugar would drop and then I would just grab any food that I could quickly devour so that my blood sugar would rise and my shakiness and irritability would go away. Having sweets would also contribute to the blood sugar spikes and cause me more cravings. While making my husband’s daily lunches, I noticed I was nibbling on the foods being put in without even knowing it and I was not even hungry as we had just finished dinner. These habits added all those unnecessary calories throughout my days. Lemon water was always a part of my daily diet and I really never drank any sweetened drinks or juices and adult beverages were consumed on the weekends. With the water always being available, I realized I only sipped it throughout the day and never really drank what my body needed for the entire day. I am proud to say that I have sustained my weight loss. I continue to weigh myself daily when a scale is available and if one is not, I try to be very mindful of my food choices and daily steps taken. I do this with a Fitbit that I have purchased which will track so many things including water intake, daily steps taken, and my exercise. I continue to get my daily water goals on most days, and regarding my sweet tooth, I learned what I can have to satisfy that as well without causing a blood sugar spike. Adult beverages are now consumed really in a mindful way and always with water alongside as this will also really lead to my weight gain. Lately, I have been struggling with a stressful situation regarding helping a sibling through a rough time and I am nearing the end of that situation. It has been very challenging to maintain my goal but I am sticking to all the knowledge I have gained throughout the transformation process and am confident when this stress breaks that I will be at my desired weight. It feels so good to be in control of my weight now and just wished that I had joined Anita’s 12-week transformation earlier in my life.  -D. Cacicio