T-Minus 28

Build & Reveal Lean Muscle in 28 Days!

This program is offered virtually and in-person. Participants should already be physically active and want to achieve a 10-15 lb weight loss.

Make no mistake - this is a high-intensity, rapid weight loss program entailing a specific food protocol and requires two or three 30-minute high-intensity workout sessions each week for the duration of the program. Food intake is the key to a lean athletic body, and this food plan will be as challenging as any of the workouts but definitely worth it!


Training Options

Workouts can be completed in a variety of ways. Go to a gym offering HIIT programs, video train at home, or if you live locally, train at the Fluidly Moving Body Works studio.

The T Minus 28 system can be extended. Extensions must be discussed at least 7-days prior to the program’s completion date.


The skinny

What's Included

  • Weekly meeting via phone, Zoom or in-person
  • Discuss goals for the upcoming week
  • Celebrate accomplishments
  • Address possible struggles that could prevent success
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Manual outlining the food protocol
  • Program-compliant recipes
  • Healthy snack ideas for weight loss

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