Gains N Stride Strength Training for Runners

January 14th - February 20th, 2020

Gains N Stride Intake Form


The Body Works Series

Do you want to look good, feel good, and lose 10 years while overcoming nagging or chronic pain? Are you interested in unraveling soft tissue and joints? Suppose you could accomplish this while also building strength, endurance and flexibility; is that something that you would sign up for?

I am offering an 8 week start-up program that integrates massage and personal training/therapeutic exercise. Through this you will gain all of the benefits of your massage treatments while also learning how to improve physical function with a personalized exercise program. In addition, you will be able to communicate with me throughout the week to discuss your progress and concerns and you will receive a video of your fitness routine. This combination is the ultimate way to learn about your body and to work with it to relieve pain for good, to challenge muscular weaknesses and to increase performance regardless of your current fitness level!

The Way It Works:

  • You attend a free initial screening and complete an assessment.
  • You choose the amount of time that will work for you and to which you can commit
  • Together we will schedule your alternating massage and personal training appointments
  • Depending on the program level, you can expect a minimum of 8 appointments during this program.
  • For added benefit, you have the option to continue this program.

The Cost:

Program Level
Time Available
Body Works Basic 90
60 minute massage/30 minutes training
Smart 120
One hour weekly
Supreme 240 *
Two hours weekly

* Note: Fitness tools are provided as an additional benefit for the Supreme 240

Together, we can build a new you!

Please complete the client intake form and bring with you to your first appointment.