Yoga and Roll

Time to get on the floor and to eek those tights spots out of the body! Rolling is second to massage as a self-care technique. Trigger points can be compressed, fascia can be elongated and most of the body can be rolled. Utilizing a variety of tools and joined with accommodating stretches or yoga asanas, we will design the perfect routine for you to address alignment issues, injuries and areas of tension.

I have trained many people who don’t want to stretch, refuse to spend time stretching on their own, or just don't think it is a good use of their time. I have also trained those who feel yoga is to slow, unchallenging or that they have never been inspired to contort their bodies “in that way.” Slow, yes, until their doctor recommends stretching and rolling to overcome that injury or nagging pain. Many aging Athletes may suddenly find themselves feeling achy and stiff as the symptoms of consistent training includes, muscle and connective tissue tension and overuse injuries. At some point people begin viewing stretching as a "must" to feel their best, manage pain and reduce stress on the body. Yoga brings the benefit of controlled breathing which also helps with stress and anxiety reduction and the increase sense of well-being.

My Rates are as follows:

Time Allotment
Single Session
5 Session Package
10 Session Package
20 Session Package
30 Minutes
1 Hour

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